Company History
MPR Inc. consolidated the experience and heritage of several professional organizations, health & drug development professionals and entrepreneurs.

Prior to launching the CRO business, MPR shareholders have participated for decades in research and development. A list of the companies that MPR’s shareholders managed or owned included more than 20 research and health services entities; to name a few, the Clinical Neuroscience Center (USA), Diabetes Research Center (USA), Mediconsult Group (Europe), Orthopedics & Acupuncture Center (Europe), Maximum Capacity Cognitive Enhancement Center (Canada), ReSolve Research Solutions (Canada), Dyslexia Clinic (USA), MEDIFEM Clinic (Europe), Spine & Neurology Surgery Centre (Asia), International Medical Consultancy Services (Africa).

Also, part of the heritage and resources are three resourcing companies in USA, India and Romania and two IT and consultancy firms and one Financial Funds Company.

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08-22-2003: Troy, Michigan-
09-23-2003: Bordeaux, France-
04-14-2004: Berlin, Germany-
04-24-2004: Dubai, UAE-
11-25-2004: Cairo, Egypt-
12-21-2004: Vienna, Austria-
12-24-2004: Sofia, Bulgaria-
01-05-2005: Casablanca, Morocco-
11-29-2005: Bingham Farms, Michigan-
01-06-2006: Troy, Michigan-
06-02-2006: Smolensk, Russia-
01-10-2007: Warren, Michigan-
03-31-2007: Warsaw, Poland-
03-07-2008: Bucharest, Romania-
03-23-2008: Ras Al Khaimah, UAE-
07-27-2009: Paris, France-
08-16-2009: Farmington Hills, Michigan-

11-11-2009: Chicago, USA-

11-30-2009: Osaka, Japan-
01-05-2010: Tokyo, Japan-
02-15-2010: Lansing, Michigan-
11-10-2010: Saginaw, Michigan-
10-10-2012: Detroit, Michigan-
November-2012: Kingston, Jamaica-
January-2013: Clinton Township, Michigan-
03-11-2013: Farmington Hills, Michigan-
March, 2013 - Hamtramck, Michigan-
07-31-2013: Farmington Hills, Michigan-
April-2014: Port Huron, Michigan-
06-22-2014: Michigan-
July-2015: St. Petersburg, Russia-
July-2015: St. Petersburg, Russia-
12-04-2015: Michigan, Jamaica, Russia-
04-29-2016: Havana, Cuba-
Shareholders formalize the setup of the international company as a Michigan, USA based Corporation.
MPR sets up an office in France.

MPR Inc. Selects Germany Berlin office to lead Western Europe operation.

MPR sets up an office in Dubai, UAE.
MPR sets up an office in Cairo, appoints Dr. Hassen Taher Dorrah as lead of its Egypt operation.
The Vienna MPR team celebrates the appointment of Dr. Kolman as head of the Central European operation.
MPR sets up a new operation in Sofia, Bulgaria to manage clinical trials in Central and Eastern Europe.
MPR sets up a subsidiary in Morocco, opens an office and appoints Mr. Chraibi to lead subsidiary BOD.
MPR Board of Directors launches plans for round one financing.
MPR launches its Global Operations. (PDF)
MPR Inc. establishes a strategic partnership with Smolensk Medical Academy in Russia.
MPR launches early phase clinical research capabilities in Michigan, USA.
MPR Inc. launches an inpatient unit for clinical research.
MPR Inc. launches a call center in Bucharest Romania.

MPR Inc. partners with Julphar Pharmaceutical Industries for the joint development of novel drugs.

Maximax expands early phase clinical study capabilities to Morocco and Algeria. (PDF)
MPR Inc. launches Maximax Venture, an MPR division to manage Risk Sharing programs.
MPR Inc. launches several contract manufacturing projects to cover Asia markets needs.
MPR and Yamamoto launch an international research project.
MPR completes company registration and set up a branch office in Japan.
MPR partners with Mid-Michigan Physicians (MMP) to support clinical research in multiple therapeutic areas.
MPR and DCRC join the Great Lakes Cancer Institute
MPR and Asterand execute a master agreement for research collaboration for The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project.
MPR to set up a Site Management Organization (SMO) in the Caribbean
MPR partners with Michigan Neurology Associates for clinical research
DCRC launches a leading medical device study with several hospitals in Michigan
MPR partners with Health First Medical Center for clinical research
MPR Partners with Botsford's Research Central Lab for Clinical Research
Physician HealthCare Network partners with Detroit Clinical Research Center for research
Community Cancer Research Consortium Initiatives
MPR partners with Smooth Drug Development
BioEq partners with MPR and joins the early phase research consortium
MPR Completes the launch of the Rapid Startup Network of Early Phase Clinical Trials Sites
MPR expands its operations to Cuba, sets up partnerships with leading health care institutions in the country to support non-commercial research projects