MPR Inc. launches portfolio development and risk sharing programs with several USA and UAE Bio-Pharma and Financial partners.
04-24-2004: Dubai, UAE.

MPR Inc. in collaboration with Julphar Pharmaceutical Industries, a UAE based Pharmaceutical Company launches  several collaboration projects to undertake the development, commercialization of several health products developed by USA based companies. The products are in the treatments of diseases in Diabetes, Cancer and CNS.

This project leverages MPR Inc. expertise in drug development and its strong resources and experience in financial and risk management. Large financial institutions are involved in the development and negotiation, including

In developing the deals, MPR assembled the initial portfolio using innovative methodology of technology options (Real Options Valuations, ROV): a stochastic optimization model of R&D portfolio management using real options for project selections. The methodology views products development as a series of continuation/abandonment options. The methodology could be used by different approaches. The approach used in here is based on limited budget for the portfolio selection assumed by Series A available funds. There are several literature sources about this tool. Please do not hesitate to request more details.