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Innovative Solutions in Clinical Research

Innovative Solutions offer our clients tools to assist them in achieving their goals. Our Innovative Solutions in Clinical Research combine the expertise of our extensive global network of talented, experienced professionals in clinical study development, training, reporting and project management with the latest proven technologies to meet the specific needs of different clients. 

Decision Support Systems

Maximax is a niche provider of computer-based tools to optimize market performance and enable decision makers foresee future outcomes. Maximax leverage the concepts and theory of Resource Based Strategy delineated by Professors David J. Collis and Cynthia Montgomery; the application of these concepts leads to a very powerful framework for Decision Support Systems

At the Center of each system is the value maximizing function based on identifying demand and supply functions and competitiveness using tools of

Lean Six Sigma

We utilize the powerful tools of the six sigma process in supporting our projects. Our SOP based on Six Sigma and Failure modes analysis to make sure we deliver superior quality services:

Managing Currency Fluctuation Risks in International Clinical Trials

 The number of clinical trials conducted globally, as well as the number of countries involved in each study, is increasing at a rapid rate. This trend is imposing significant planning and budgeting challenges for clinical studies’ planners – on top of the numerous existing issues related to understanding cultural and healthcare practices around the world.

 New complications can have profound cost impacts, including:

An emerging clinical trial method that addresses these issues is Currency Risk Management (CRM). The CRM method features planning steps that use commercially-available clinical trial software systems to build a simple iterative planning model for managing financial operation.

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