Corporate Leadership
Craig Gordon, DO 

Dr. Gordon is a leading researcher with more than 30 years’ experience in health care and clinical trials.

Dr. Gordon has completed his medical school degree from the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences Des Moines, Iowa in 1983 and then completed Internal Medicine and Oncology/Hematology residency training from Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center and Botsford Hospital in Michigan, at which he served later as the director of the Hematology/Oncology division. He served as a Principal Investigator on more than 30 clinical trials. He directed the Cancer Community Cancer Consortium in Michigan.

Dr. Gordon chairs MPR research committees and board of directors, interfaces with sponsors’ medical executives to secure necessary resources are to be deployed for successful completion of clinical projects. With his extensive experience in cancer research, Dr. Gordon works with sponsors to plan, implement and report their clinical trials’ projects in the USA and internationally.

Max Rashed, MS, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Rashed seeks business opportunities from Sponsors and leads business development projects from initiation to implementation. He reviews operational plans and budgets. Mr. Rashed directs Risk Sharing programs with leading Bio-Pharmaceutical companies. Mr. Rashed also co-leads the MPR-Asia operation with Dr. Kapoor, Dr. Li, and Dr. Jamil.

Mr. Rashed brings extensive experience in operations, financial and asset management working for top Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Rashed held executive leadership positions in the Drug Development Industry managing several aspects of the clinical research at global levels interfacing with Sponsors, Medical Centers, Labs, & Governmental Drug Agencies. During his career, Max assisted in managing of operations that had annual budgets that exceeded $8 billion. His experience background includes operations and logistics across the value stream map and leadership roles across a wide range of business activities. Max completed in 2000 an Executive Masters of Business Administration from Michigan State University.

Mr Marc Rich, MS, MBA
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Rich is the Chief Financial Officer and also director of business development and clients interface.

Mr. Rich brings extensive experience in operations, budgeting, and financial planning at a top Fortune 500 Company where he held senior positions. His experiences include engineering, budgeting for large projects and large organizations, managing resources, customer service, quality control (ISO_9000 and 6 sigma processes), and typical line organizational metrics. Mr. Rich has completed an Executive Masters of Business Administration at Michigan State University. Prior to this position, Mr. Rich worked for Detroit Edison at a senior leadership position as Director. During his career at Edison he was a two-time recipient of highest award for outstanding achievement. Mr. Rich is an expert in lean operating principals. He is visionary and committed to value creation principles.

Edward Dabrowski, MD
Executive Managing Director, Europe Operation and European Sponsors

Dr. Dabrowski is a leading researcher with more than 30-year experience. He completed his BS degree from the University of Michigan and his medical school and training at Wayne State University. He held several directorship positions in health care and research at leading institutions including Wayne State University and the Detroit Medical Center and Beaumont Health System.

Dr. Dabrowski leads the relationships with European Bio-pharmaceutical and Medical Devices sponsors to assist them planning, executing and reporting their research projects in the USA. With his academic, medical and administrative capacities at Beaumont Health System, one of the leading health care and research providers in North America, Dr. Dabrowski facilitates the deployment of all necessary resources to complete these research programs.

Lorenzo Gordon, MD, PhD
Executive Managing Director, Caribbean Institution of Medical Research

Dr. Gordon leads operation of the Company in the Caribbean working with several doctors and company staff across the region.

Dr. Gordon is a leading teacher, doctor and researcher. Dr. Gordon graduated from the University of West Indies, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, a Master of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy degree and holds a degree in Doctor of Medicine from the Havana Medical School. He was instrumental in starting the STATHS Bakery and is the unofficial School Doctor who visits with students, council them and treats many ailments on a weekly basis. His achievements extended itself to the publication of over forty-five (45) scientific papers at local and international conferences. Dr. Gordon is involved in many service clubs and associations including President of the Jamaican Cuban Friendship Association, Vice-President for Jamaican Cuban Alumni Association, and member of the Finance Committee of Medical Association of Jamaica. In 1988-1992, he acted as Vice President to the Volunteers Social Service New York. In 2003, he was the Jamaica Representative to the International Diabetes Federation Congress in Paris, France.

Andrea Steinacher, MD
Executive Managing Director, South America

Dr. Steinacher leads clinical studies in South America from feasibility to launch. She manages the registration, approval and implementation of clinical studies in coordination with MPR-Brazil and MPR-Chili. With the Company presence in Cordoba, a medical research hub in South America, and close to several metropolitan cities, and with the support of excellent and experienced teams on all aspects of clinical research, Dr. Steinacher would successfully lead a full service clinical trial project for Sponsors whether as an independent South American study or as part of an international clinical trial project.

Dr. Steinacher brings to MPR more than 10 years in clinical research experience that covered all aspects of clinical research. Dr. Steinacher supported several clinical studies as an investigator or a sub-investigator. She had her Medical Degree from the National University of Cordoba in 1991 and completed a specialty training in Internal Medicine in 1994. In 2003, she completed a fellowship in Diabetes and Obesity research from Favaloro University. She is co-leading our South America operation with Dr. Ghassan Tyra in Brazil and Dr. Leslie Coghlan in Chile.

Feng Li, MD, PhD
Executive Managing Director, Asia Operation

Dr. Li leads projects for the Company in Asia. Dr. Li leads projects from development to execution.

Dr. Li brings experience in industrial field application support, biomedical research experience in Protein Chemistry, Cell biology and Molecular biology. He is also an expert in computational analysis and interpretation utilizing bioinformatics tools. He has interacted with government, biotech and pharmaceutical companies at every level of government, industry and academia. Dr. Li completed major business deals with top research institutes and large pharmaceutical companies and has worked closely with research, development, and business groups to improve existing products and develop new ones. Dr. Li brings personal, business and academic ties to China and other Asian countries, which, in combination with his expertise in Drug Development helped the Company’s strategic plan to work on pre-clinical projects with Chinese companies. Dr. Li received his MD from Shanghai Medical University, China, and his PhD from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio.

Dr. H. Krishan, MD,
Executive Managing Director, Global Early Phase Clinical Trials Business Unit

Dr. Krishna leads inpatient/outpatient early phase research business unit. He is the medical monitor for safety for inpatient studies and facilitates the conduct of early phase studies across several clinics with MPR clinics and our affiliated clinics in the Caribbean, Asia and Russia.

Dr. Krishna is a diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine; he specializes in internal medicine and has over twenty years of experience in medical practice and research. His extensive background in research includes conditions such as pneumonia, chest pain, and undifferentiated connective tissue disease. Dr. Krishna was the previous director of Grand River Medical Center in Detroit, Michigan and is the current director of Health First Medical Center, one of the leading health care centers in Michigan. Here, he serves the underserved patient population of Detroit.

Vasile Piticas, MS
Executive Managing Director, Central & Eastern Europe

Mr. Piticas leads staffing for CRO business in Europe. He leads also a patient call center, IT support solutions for regional and international projects. He seeks business projects from local and European sponsors and coordinate support and implementation with Dr. Barwijiuk

Mr. Piticas brings to the Company expertise in managing business in Central and Eastern Europe, a major region of MPR’s international business. He has over 15 years of domestic and international experience in business including investment management, recruitment services and human resources. He presently leads the company business operation for call centers, early phases research and is a member of the board of directors of Central & Eastern Europe Research Institute. Mr. Piticas is a dynamic entrepreneur with a track record of successful leadership. He has shown strong commitment to the Company as a major investor.

Dr. Margaret Hughes, PhD
Board member, heading strategic partners committee

Dr. Hughes received her Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky, her M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and her B.A. from Duke University. Her research and teaching interests lie mainly in the areas of dynamic competitive interaction, investor psychology, and the structure of inter-organizational networks.

She is a member of the Academy of Management and the Strategic Management Society. She has several years of work experience on Wall Street. Her most recent position was a Director for the United Bank of Switzerland where she specialized in analysis of biotechnology and pharmaceutical stocks.

Dr. Hughes is heading the Board of Directors’ strategic alliance initiative and financial restructuring.

George Kuzmanovski, MBA
Executive Director, Quantitative Tools and EDC

Mr. Kuzmanovski manages quantitative tools and services for research projects developing necessary software or web based tools/GUI. Mr. Kuzmanovski also leads budgeting and financial planning for projects using computer based techniques. He co-leads a Company expertise center for Clinical Trials Risks management group.

Mr. Kuzmanovski brings experience in Operational Metrics, Controls, and Budgeting. He has been involved with Business Process Engineering, Internal Audit, Customer Care and Forecasting. Mr. Kuzmanovski specializes in the re-engineering, automation, and reporting of business processes. His skills also include data warehouse development and web based reporting (Brio and Business Objects). Over the past 7 years Mr. Kuzmanovski has held positions in Operations, Finance, Reporting, and Genetic Research. Mr. Kuzmanovski has a proven ability to adapt and contribute in any arena. He received a Masters of Business Administration from the William E. Simon School of Business with concentrations in Finance and Information Systems as well as a Bachelors of Science with Honors in Biochemistry from the University of Buffalo where he did genetic research.

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