Late Phases
MPR offers a wide-range of therapeutic expertise and world-class information technology and communication within a unique global corporate structure that delivers exceptional customer service.

With more than 30 global locations, MPR has access to very diverse patient population. From small local trials to complex multi-site and multi-national programs, MPR has the global resources and experience to help Sponsors achieve their goals effectively.

Phase II/III Clinical Trials

Whether you prefer a turnkey full service support or functional provider service support, we will provide you with the right team, attentive delivery and strong dedication to your goals.

We may also support you via a CRO/SMO hybrid model.  We are positioned to work with you using the appropriate framework that fits into your study planning and overall strategy of outsourcing. If your policy is to work directly with Medical Centers and Principal Investigators, we will facilitate that for you. In addition to turnkey projects, we can support:

Study management & monitoring

We can manage your clinical study from site initiation through project close out. The following is a partial list of our study management services:

Phase IIIB/IV and Safety

Late phases and Safety services involve:

Patients recruitment and management

Finding, enrolling and retaining study subjects are some of the largest and most costly challenges facing clinical research professionals. The timely enrolment of appropriate subjects into trials is critical to managing the time lines for a development program. We can assist Sponsors:

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