MPR Inc. Selects Germany Berlin office to lead Western Europe operation.
04-14-2004: Berlin, Germany.

MPR Inc. selects its business office in Berlin to lead business development of its Western Europe operations. The office will be staffed by several professionals who conducted medical and research staff with the Company business promoters and medical doctors for many years. Additional staff involve professionals with regulatory backgrounds.

The Company earlier announced that Western Europe operations will be lead by Dr. Joseph Kolman who has been for years serving the research community in Austria, Germany and central Europe and brings to MPR excellent leadership and managerial skills.

The selection of Berlin was driven by geographic reasons and staffing reasons. Berlin is centrally located in Europe and close to Poland, where MPR Eastern Europe operation is headquartered. Also few of MPR shareholders are located close to Berlin.

The Berlin office will coordinate with other offices including Francophone France office and Spain offices clinical trials across Europe.