Vision & Advantages
Our vision is that streamlining the conduct of clinical research in a global context using high quality and robust processes will speed up bringing new health products to market and cut development costs. 
At MPR, we believe that each dollar saved in brining a new health product to market is a dollar saved for on a new product and each day a study is completed faster is a day closer to having the medication reach a patient.

Our Advantages

Main highlights: With dedicated highly experienced and highly motivated global teams, the Company promises its clients excellent services at the highest quality with most competitive prices possible. We believe in the need to serve humans at large with high quality health products & services. We believe that innovation is our means, and we will work hard to make sure that we do our best to accomplish your goals.   When we serve you, we partner with you! Because your success is ours. We trust you find your best value working with our Company!  

Our values

Maximax  - What's in a Name?

The name "Maximax" originates from Game Theory. Game Theory is the body of thoughts that describes the interaction between players who choose different actions with outcomes that are dependable on such actions. The interaction could be modeled with outcomes formulated for each game. For outcomes that seek to maximize certain functions such as profits, players could choose to play four strategies: MiniMin, MiniMax, MaxiMin and MaxiMax.

MaxiMax is the strategy that maximizes outcomes continuously for a repeated game. Theoretically, players cannot choose this strategy all the time in a Zero Sum game, as other competitors will realize sooner or later in their strategy. However, in non-zero sum games where players innovate and come up with lean and new methods to generate economic value, the MaxiMax strategy is realizable. Although Game Theory history goes as far back as 1713, only in the late few decades has the theory been drawing attention.
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